Hello Goddess! I’m so excited you’re here!

You are gorgeous, brilliant and powerful. I believe that you can be wealthy, empowered and fully alive to create the powerhouse and lucrative brand of your dreams. I believe that is exactly where you belong.

I activate stressed out femmepreneurs to skyrocket their wealth by fully owning their calling to create and launch lucrative high-end programs that change the world.

I believe in harnessing magic to create unstoppable momentum, money and miracles.

I honor the exquisite art of prayer and intuitive insight to build soul-filled businesses that change the world while honoring your time and energy.

“The new currency of wealth is
emotional IQ, desire mapping,
soul liberation, co-creation,
ancient women’s mastery and money with meaning!””


– Ingrid Arna

Right now, you are being called to something bigger where you step into your greatness and own your power and wisdom. The world gets changed by that and you come alive in that.

Ready to jump in? Ready to transform your business into a lucrative powerhouse? Ready to feel alive and empowered every single day? Let’s do this. Here, I’ll show you around!

Check out what we’re all about and why we do what we do. Plus, get the scoop on my journey and extensive business experience in TV development, advertising and entrepreneurial endeavours.

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Love, Riches & CEO Diva Magic,

It's not your talent that's in question -

it's your inability to fully own your talent and value that keeps your from prosperity.

- Ingrid Arna

It's Time

To Rise, Diva

Raise your worth. Raise your prices. Raise your joy.