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EVERYTHING I claim and desire comes to fruition. I am deeply supported in my vision as I restructure my business and create space for more richness through nourishing myself and my family.

I’ve had LIGHTNING FAST business growth even though the last six months have been focused on slowing down  my own work pace.

Less = MORE darling! Why? Because when your soul is nourished and your needs are being met, your performance exceeds possibility. In other words, you get more done while doing less.

My golden tip for today is this, Diva: YOU have the ability to turn shiz into gold!



Gather up your experiences—ALL of them! The good, the bad and the ugly … all the damaging situations, rip-your-hair-out days, and the curveballs life throws at you and SHAPESHIFT them into gold and riches. This is true alchemy.

These new experiences that you create will become your LEGACY, Diva!

Step fiercely and fearlessly into awareness and slay the darkness with your intuition, as you light your way into RICHES.

Do the work: get crystal clear on your projections, lessons, where your growth potential lies, and identify what is out of alignment—because that is what’s holding you at the gate.

Alchemize your lessons into authentic truth and liquid gold: it’s a global revolution of Divafied light.

Your rich experiences become your intellectual property, divine woman!  




Learn to package them up (your shadow and your light) and monetize your story! You have clients screaming for you to show up with your shiz-to-gold stellar formula.

Monetization is VITAL—it’s the energetic heartbeat for FABULOUS! Women must rise out of scarcity and shame and into potency and power for the collective good and to create global impact. It’s time for the wounded healer to make their exit from poverty consciousness forever!

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Love and so many divine riches,



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Ingrid Arna