Rich Goddess

What would it mean to you to be able to sell 10,000, $20,000 or even $30,000 programs every month?

Are you ready to make six to seven figures, Goddess?

That might sound like an odd question but making money in your business is not about setting a simple intention. That won’t make you RICH.

It’s about deciding right now, in this moment, to be FULLY committed to making your business fly. No matter what. You’re not half in and half out. You’re not hiding behind just good enough.

You’ve made a VOW.

Because once you make a decision to rock your business, here’s what happens: the MAGIC KICKS IN and the MONEY FLOWS.

As a Rich Goddess, you’ll let go of surviving month-to-month and escape from the stress and exhaustion of just getting by, forever. The truth of who you are, when you release the B.S. feelings of fear and not enoughness, is limitless, divine abundance. As you rise into your inherent power, you’ll step out of playing the victim to embrace your inner vixen, a money-making Diva who serves her clients with power and charges accordingly for her gifts. The Rich Goddess program will guide your work into a prosperous and soul-satisfying six to seven figure business, as you master the art of strategic badassery, soul alignment and mindset magic. This is a proven system that generates cash flow quickly. Get ready to shake your money maker doing what you LOVE.


After years of struggling in my coaching business, I realised that something had to change fast when I had my daughter.
The stress was killing me.

I’ve been featured in.

and was endorsed by Kate Winslet for my work, yet none of that exposure did much for my bank balance!

I was shattered, overwhelmed and just freakin’ over the hustle. I had previously worked in advertising in NYC, raised over $350K for a start up in the Big Apple dealing with the big boys of finance, pitched TV shows in LA with supermodel Carre Otis, worked at the TV show Getaway as a journalist, and was a freelance writer for many magazines and newspapers, as well as heading the marketing department for a global cosmetic company. Yet, all this experience didn’t translate into making the big bucks in my business until I started to truly value myself as a teacher, healer and coach.

The truth is that building a coaching empire that sells your knowledge and your soul can be a total and utter head F*CK. Really. You know what I mean, right? Let’s have a little laugh about that. Because, OMG, it’s like the biggest personal development journey you could ever go on!

It became obvious to me that my beliefs about money and my value were running the show and pretty much costing me everything. I gave birth to my little girl and something changed in me. I woke up.

I was done with ALL the struggle! SO DONE.

So, I increased my fees by 500%, detoxed my stinky thinking, upped my spiritual mojo, overhauled my sales strategy and went for GOLD. I had to release any shame I had around charging for my gifts. When you are selling your innate brilliance you have to do things differently.

Once I got that sorted, I made my first $130K in eight months (I know it sounds rah-rah but it’s the truth) and have since gone on to build a multi-six figure business – it continues to flourish! Trust me, you don’t have to stress your head out with crazy launches either. You can do what you love, make big money and spend your time doing whatever the heck you desire, including more time with your family.

Now, get ready because I’m going to share with you EVERYTHING I’ve learned and mastered during this journey.

There has never been an easier or more exciting time to become a Rich Goddess with your online coaching and healing business.

From a place of divine feminine business mastery that liberates your soul and unleashes a stream of abundance, Rich Goddess will give you the artistry to skyrocket your income.It’s about having money left over for self-care, travel, investing and giving back. It’s about creating a bigger IMPACT and SERVING your clients at a deeper level. Rich Goddess is about building a sustainable business that gives you FREEDOM from over working and under earning doing what you LOVE most.

It’s about having SPACE for sacred time with your family and time for yourself – to just be. It’s about breaking up with force and removing the shackles of constant manic busyness, over doing, over giving and over compensating FOREVER. It’s about sharing your unique message of brilliance and changing the world as you do!

That’s 100% possible for you when you release your resistance, set up stellar systems and fully own your woo-woo superpowers.

Imagine what it would feel like to:

  • wake up every single morning connected to your purpose as you step out of Struggleville to multiply your income with femme power ease
  • claim laser lucid clarity about your purpose to play a bigger game that cascades into mega impact

  • own the work you do and your power without apology
  • expand your vision to inspire deeper transformation and service
  • communicate your superpowers with authenticity.

As women, most of us aren’t being honest with ourselves about what we really, truly want.

Sometimes we’re not even aware that there’s a better and much easier option for us to become truly rich on every level. I can tell you without of a shadow of doubt that there is.

Saying that you desire a six or seven figure business, but then running yourself into the ground, is NOT a success.

Creating a life where you can’t be present with your kids, or you get sick every other week, or your marriage is falling apart, is NOT a success.

From the time we are little girls, we’re told that certain things will make us happy and successful. So, rather than asking our SOUL and our BODY what she wants, we run around staying busy, busy, busy — never stopping to turn fully inward and listen.

It’s no wonder so many women are borderline depressed, completely depleted and one step away from jumping on a plane to Paris never to be seen again!

Rich Goddess will transform all of that for you.

How Rich Goddess has transformed the lives of my clients

Sharona came to me overwhelmed, stuck in past drama and not fully claiming or communicating her incredible gift as a channel. Question for you – how are you going to attract high-end soul-mate clients if you’re not owning or expressing who you are? NOT GOING TO HAPPEN until you own your power.

We cleared the gunk and dived deep into the development of her soul-aligned signature Life Alchemy program. Sharon stepped up and discovered how to serve her clients at a deeper level. Next, we launched her magnetic brand and she went onto sell $25,000 in 3 weeks. That was a huge mind and money shift for Sharona, as she moved away from playing small charging $150 per session and toward her life-changing work.

Now let me tell you about Caitlin. Caitlin came to work with me after she’d finished her study in nutrition, still struggling with her worth and relationship with food, all while her body was in the midst of healing from the tremendous grief of losing both her parents to cancer. We started our journey with deep healing work + a sacred immersion into BodyLove mastery based on my book and healing philosophy. You see, the thing I know for sure is that you can’t build a business that’s truly going to light you up and serve the world if you haven’t done the work to liberate your own soul. Once we got the divine Miss Caitlin McCarthy reconnected to her inherent power, we moved into developing her brand, programs, voice, methodology and the strategy behind Caitlin’s business. A strategy that nourishes her wellbeing and allows her to shine and serve without sacrifice. Caitlin launched her business and quickly sold two high-end programs for $11, 000. She then signed another 3 clients a week later. She’s on her way to $100K this year. Not too shabby for a 27-year-old entrant into femmepreneurship.

This is all available to you when you decide to leap into your highest calling.

During your intensive private coaching and mentoring, we’ll work to overhaul your business as you learn to master marketing, selling and soul alignment. Together, we’ll map out your deepest desires and plan the exact steps you need to leap into sacred femme success.

We’ll cover your business and personal life cravings with soulful heart-to-heart Vixen Visioning, Sassy Strategy, Siren Selling and Money Drama Clearing sessions that celebrate the divine feminine in you. You’ll discover how to attract soul-mate clients ready to invest the big bucks in you and your work without doing crazy launches or by working 24/7.

Within weeks of working together, you’ll begin selling your high-end program with my one-on-one guidance, love and strategy as you up-level into riches.

During theRich Goddess program, we’ll leap into:

  • creating a clear outline and sales pitch for your high-end program to allow you to cut your working hours in half while skyrocketing your income
  • designing your high-end program/s to provide the rock solid platform you need to rock your Divine Power and Calling into a whole new rich stratosphere – think bigger and bolder, baby!

  • giving you the mojo to sell with sassy siren soul to make, attract and close new clients ready to invest in you and themselves in a way – selling will become fun and deeply rewarding!
  • working on a deep energetic level to rewire your subconscious mind and remove any remaining blocks so that you can elevate your work and life.

It’s time to FREE yourself from limitations, darling. They don’t suit you at all.

I am not going to let you fail.

It’s time to stop spinning your wheels, lovely. You can’t do it sitting behind a computer.

You don’t need to be SAVED but you do need…


In 4 weeks, you could have $20,000 in the bank.

In just ONE WEEK, you could have a new paying client.

But only if you put yourself first. You put your business first.

These are the actual results of my clients. They achieve INCREDIBLE financial results because they show up for themselves and work with a mentor that shows them how to make this shit happen. And now it’s your turn.

I only have a few spots left for 1:1 clients. If you’re ready to start making serious money in your business, book a complimentary call, and if I can help you, we’ll talk about how.

I want to share this because Ingrid Arna is the biz coach I hired. Since working with her, I’ve closed my highest contracts ever. Here’s more: since raising my prices, taking care of ME, and figuring out my passion in the marketplace, I have been blessed to accomplish the following just in February so far: Closed over $20k in contracts, received my 2nd edition Freedom Planners, moved into my own sacred space office, hired an entire team for my business and body/wellness. What a blessing! I share this to inspire each of you that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE when you get your priorities straight, hire a team (Ingrid should be on it) and get yo’ hustle and flow on!

– Tiana, G

How Rich Goddess Curriculum

By the end of our time together, you’ll have:

A lucrative new business strategy:

The ‘A-Game Rich CEO DIVA Goddess Plan’ for you to follow—because abundance loves clarity, baby!


Your juicy and compelling program outline that includes copy guidance, editing + price points of your program/s and the design of your PDF proposal to send to clients, along with your logo and tagline for your new program

our fresh new OMG design package:

You’ll be given all the logos and fonts to use. Awesome.


A money map to chart your $100,000–$1 million divine business model to follow, depending where you at in your business and what your money goals are.


The funnel, marketing and strategy to attract a stream of endless clients. Client attraction covers opt-ins, social media campaigns and sales copy.


The confidence and mojo power to sell your high-end programs by mastering the art of selling with sassy siren soul. e abundance loves clarity, baby!


A clear spiritual focus allowing you to align your desires with your energetic resonance.


Money story healing and past life clearing to receive more abundance and flow in your life.


A clear understanding of how to work with the divine feminine to skyrocket your business and transform your personal life while we balance the masculine.


You’ll discover how to tap into your divine wisdom and exquisite power in a deeper way than ever before to become a magnetic manifesting Queen.

Make your plans absolutely juicy and fab, darling, because twenty years from now they’ll seem kinda small. You’ll wonder why you didn’t make them 50 times greater.

For all those sitting on the sidelines watching and waiting before they commit to leaping into banking on themselves, why are you waiting? You’re perpetuating unnecessary struggle. Why do that? Isn’t your life, your passion and those you’re meant to serve worth more than that? I know they are.

You have dreams for a reason. It’s divine design. You are born to bring them to life.

I know you get that and that’s why you’re tormented. Playing small doesn’t suit you. You are meant for GREATNESS, lady.

It’s all B.S. that STOPS you from doing what you’re called to do. You allow your fear to consume you. It’s a way out. It’s a way out of being a leader. It’s a way out of being truly seen. It’s a way out of sharing your truth. It’s a way out of making money at the level you deserve.

Instead, you risk staying stuck because your light and power is FREAKIN’ TERRIFYING!

EVERY entrepreneur has fear. Myself included. Selling high-end, I’ve mastered that. But here’s the truth: initially, I was scared to raise my prices. Once I did and moved through my fear, everything changed including my relationship to money, abundance, my spiritual connection and even my marriage got a makeover. It’s all linked. How we do one thing is how we do everything, right? You know it.

The next stage was to create a high-end group, womanmind, my CEO Diva Business School. I knew I had to create it, and yet I held myself back. It was the best thing I’ve ever done, and yet I feared it the most. I feared standing out, of shining my light brighter, of being a leader.

And then, I got over myself and launched.

It feels expansive. I feel in divine flow. It’s easy because it’s in alignment with my highest calling and my genius.

I want this for you too, and I’m going to help you make it happen.

The key is to work through and with your fear in way that serves you, your business and your life. Put it in the back seat and start driving your life and your business forward. That’s when the magic happens.

Here’s the deal:

I’ve never met a client that wasn’t truly brilliant. That’s NOT the issue. Unfortunately, talent and beauty don’t guarantee success. Deliberate, passionate, focused foxy action infused with lashings of confidence is the secret formula. It’s an inside job, darling. Clear your doubt. Heal your money karma. Create a strategic plan. Do the work. Have fun. Keep going. Make it happen by becoming the woman who leads, shines and follows her heart.

You can do this. You can make money doing what you LOVE, but you’ve got to move from Struggleville into PROSPERITY TOWN.


Elevate your brand with VIDEO and DESIGN.



Video content is KING, and we excel at it. If you want to become truly visible, you need to create and produce rich content that clearly expresses the heart of your art. Our video consulting ranges from content creation to full service high-end video production for promos, sales funnels, video opt-ins and evergreen programs, which are shot in our studio or on location.


We also run a full service design agency. From logos to brand makeovers, web design to video animation, we’ve got you covered.

You have two Rich Goddess options:

Why Me?

If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you have a treasure chest of information. It is WAY more than you need, but it’s not converting into the success, abundance and the flow you desire. Let’s be honest. If you were meant to do it on your own, you would have done it by now. It’s time to bank on yourself to give yourself and your business the investment it needs to truly THRIVE, ladyboss.

This is an invitation to skip the 10,000 hours of investment it would take to achieve mastery and learn from someone who knows the path. Why not open yourself to some serious femme power, love and guidance to quadruple your business and heal your soul while skipping unnecessary struggle?

Here’s how I’m different from other coaches. I am not only a coach, but a guide, healer and an idea content generating diva. I will help you fall in LOVE with sales. I will design your strategy that will cut your working hours in half, while you make more money. I will laser in on your message and help you shape your story. I will work with you to craft your offers and illuminate your brand. You will come alive as you dance to the beat of your own magic. It’s time to be seen, to shine and to soar. The world is waiting for you.

Why You?

Because you’re ready to play a bigger game. Right now you can feel it in every cell of your being; you are UPLEVELING big time. You’re being called to RISE, Diva. You can’t hide from it any longer because you’ve moved past that point. You’re sitting on the edge of launching your most potent work yet. You know it and it’s scary, BUT YOU’RE DOING IT. You’re 100% over playing small.

Perhaps you’re already at six + figures but you want more flow and less busyness. You’re ready to scale your business, and you’re ready to learn how to do it by partnering with another Diva. You know you need some serious femme power in your corner to show you the way, to validate your insight, to help you to step more fully into the spotlight, as you learn to speak with power and vulnerability.

You’re ready to make more money and to serve more clients without driving your body, soul and relationships into the ground. You dream of a business that makes you feel good in your body and in love with the way you work and who you work with. You’re freakin’ ready for less hustle, more divine financial wellbeing without the grind, and more ABUNDANCE, JOY and RADIANCE. You want to feel FREE, connected, at peace and in your divine power. You desire a business that fills you with up, no longer draining you on any level. No more questioning if you can do it, because you are doing it, and you are doing it with kick-ass LOVE and FUN.

An opportunity in front of you means you’re READY to take it!
Otherwise, you wouldn’t see it. You’re READY.

Let’s get started

Book in for your complimentary session with me. We’ll go over what you need to fully thrive and then determine which package and options will be best for you.

Ingrid is straightforward, no B.S. and one of the most sincere champions of your success I have ever met. She is full of LOVE, but no fluff. She is fierce and she will be in your corner every step of the way. Ingrid will teach you how to own your value like no other and she has a laser sharp intuition combined with epic business experience that she grounds into creating the most soulfully gorgeous programs that you can sell at high ticket prices. If you are looking to master the inner game of wealth, look no further.

Kylie Slavik

Story and Launch Expert for Women Entrepreneurs

Making money in your business isn’t just about creating financial wellbeing. It’s about expanding your service and going deeper into the work you are called to do. Playing small doesn’t serve your clients … being broke doesn’t serve your clients or your loved ones … money is an energy exchange. That’s all.


Everything that no longer services your divine vision has got to go. It’s time to gently clear any blocks that remain between you and the rich, juicy life you desire.

As part of Rich Goddess, we’ll show you how to:

  • quadruple your income while you connect deeper to your purpose
  • sell with soul as you fully own your story, your style and message

  • build strategic systems to give you more time to enjoy your LIFE out of the office
  • release any residual pain that is blocking your happiness, divine power and success

Never undercut your value or question your worth. Remember that what you’ve got to teach and share is GOLD. Your work and contribution don’t belong on the sale rack, darling. You’re couture not bargain basement seconds!

Making six to seven figures doesn’t have to be hard. REALLY. It requires stellar strategy + coaching + love + a sacred vow to yourself. All you need to do is rise up and say, I’m in. I’m here for you each step of the way.

This is your moment to become a Rich Goddess: to serve, to shine and to receive divine compensation for your gifts.

The journey will be transformative and the results will be life-changing.

Book in for your free strategy consult and let’s get started.

The world is waiting for you to rock your own brand of magic.

Ready to leap into wealth, darling?

We’ll have a heart-to-heart girl chat to plan out how Rich Goddess will unleash your money maker and FREE your soul.


Your dreams are waiting for you to say, ‘YES’.

Want to find out more about me? Jump into my ABOUT page.

History speaks for itself. Check out more CLIENT LOVE here.