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Gorgeous woman, I wanted to share a quick video to help you invoke a new frequency rich with support, love and surrender. Check out the video here:
ARE YOU OVER STRUGGLING FINANCIALLY? Are you over seeing others succeed and wonder what the heck you’re doing wrong? Then I have a special offer just for you. Book in for your FREE CEO Diva consult with my team. You’ll receive a personal plan that will guide you to connect with your sensual siren superpowers, as you open your divine channel to money, abundance and love. Our work is fun but also deeply transformative. This is only for you if you’re ready to fly by owning your power and doing the work that’s needed to ascend to the next level in your life and business. If you’re 100% game for the journey of a lifetime, let’s chat. Book in here 👉Ceodivaconsult.com
Sacred Money Miracle - FREE 8 part video series
Ingrid Arna signed with LOVE
Who Is Ingrid Arna? Ingrid Arna is a Leading Intuitive Business Strategist and the founder of CEO Diva Business School and the Gucci of online business programs, High-End Empire. She's been endorsed by Kate Winslet for her work and has been featured in Cosmopolitan, Instyle, Huffington Post, Good Health Magazine and on The Steve Harvey Show. Ingrid leads visionary entrepreneurs into conscious wealth and global impact without sacrificing their soul. The only new year's resolution she’s been able to stick to since becoming a mother is quadrupling her prices and giving up her thongs for granny pants. She’s never been happier. Here’s a taste of her work: ● Started her career at A Current Affair at 20 ● Launched her own clothing line, BodyLove, in NYC ● Wrote her book BodyLove Diet, endorsed by Kate Winslet, which helped thousands of women to get their self-love mojo back in the game ● Created a TV show on women’s empowerment with supermodel Carré Otis ● Forged a partnership with one of New York’s leading ad agencies ● Raised $350,000 in capital for a start-up company ● Presented on QVC, the home shopping network (what a trippy experience!) You can learn more about Ingrid on her website – www.ingridarna.com