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Today is as good a day as any to UPLEVEL by checking in with your vibration and frequency.

Your sales are a mirror of where your vibration and frequency are at, Diva!

It requires a tremendous amount of courage to not give a flying eff about the outcome of a sale. I invite you to sit with that for a moment, Diva.

Before I get on a sales call, I set a lush intention, and it has absolutely NOTHING to do with the sale or the money, honey. My intention is to have a very deep heart and soul connection with my prospective client, so she feels deeply held and witnessed.

I used to worry way too much about what people thought of me. I would literally shrink back. I made a sacred vow to change and approach everything in my world with Diva light: I channel divinity, download epic guidance and propel it forward sharing the information with laser-focused clarity and divine expression. When I go into a sacred space to serve my prospective client, I know when to be strong and when to pull back. I tune into their vibration to share what they need in order to bring heightened consciousness and am completely detached from the outcome.  




Clients don’t give us wealth … wealth comes from our frequency and love within!

Your frequency must be high vibrational, open and loving. When you come from that place, you’re full and working from a sense of divine overflow.

Never mind if you’re experiencing rejections: everything is divine and sacred, so praise the experience and release it with love. Expand yourself by asking, ‘If this was for my highest good, what do I need to heal? What is the lesson I need to learn?’

When women come to work with me, it is a deep soul contract and it flows like sunlight to the earth. There is NO FORCE whatsoever! And remember this: nothing will repel a client more than lack of respect for yourself and for them.


Christina Sophia


Up the ante on your self-love Diva regime!

Hold a deep reverence for your client’s power and their work!

Hold space for your client and speak with potent respect and love!

Visualise a juicy, sacred and divine experience that’s fun, loving and full of divinity!

No vision, no life, Diva. If you don’t have a BIG juicy vision, it’s pretty hard to hold a BIG vision for anyone else.

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Fixated by your divine success,

Ingrid Arna

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