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Bridget Engel


I sold my first high-end program for $40,000 just 5 weeks after signing up for CEO Diva Business School – and it was paid in full! I’m now filling my one-year manifesting program, and I’m on track to sell it out before I officially launch.

Ingrid is genuine, highly intuitive and kick-ass when it comes to getting you to show up, shine & make more money in your business. The support I’ve received from Ingrid, her team and the online sisterhood community has been incredible.

Dawn Breslin

International Best Selling Author, Speaker and Coach

Oprah talks about living your best life. Ingrid makes it happen.

Ingrid is dynamic, clever, powerful and generous, I really believe she isn't just a divine money mentor but a spiritual messenger. Ingrid shows us how to value our clients deeply and how to honor our selves in equal measure. Her money making strategy is about giving your clients the best service money can buy, to ensure they are supported 100% to reach their dreams and goals. In return for such attention, quality and service, Ingrid teaches us how to receive the abundance we deserve. After a long period of burn out, I engaged Ingrid to shake up my abundance mindset! Ingrid was able to laser in on my business and show me how to implement a revenue model, which could yield multi six to seven figures, working part-time. Her process is illuminating, and it goes way beyond making more money - it travels into the heart of what everyone wants: love, joy, connection, radiance and freedom for ourselves and for our clients. I'm eternally grateful.

Dr Anu Gupta

Weight Loss and Nutrition Coach, Founder Weight-Wise

Ingrid is an incredible asset for inspired women around the world who want to create powerful change in their lives and communities. The course of my life trajectory has forever been shifted as a result of working with Ingrid. She is a straight to the point, masterful coach and mentor who would catch your limiting beliefs from thin air. Her unique ability to tap into her intuition to chart out simple, yet the most powerful action steps necessary to forward your life in the direction most needed at a time is simply phenomenal.

Before coaching with Ingrid, I was completely lacking in direction, confused about what steps to take in my business and afraid of putting myself out there. She helped me get laser focused on exactly what I need to do to grow my business. I learned several powerful distinctions during my time with her that accelerated my business in terms of revenue generation and enhanced the confidence in which I showed up in the world.

She brings your most brilliant ideas, gifts and powers out of hiding and helps you package them in a way that commands respect and wealth on the planet. The beautiful bonus is the ripple effect in my marriage which is way more loving as a result of working on my business and money beliefs, all thanks to Ingrid.

She absolutely rocks my world. Every time I speak with her, I feel inspired, energized, powerful and just happier to be alive. My heart is filled with gratitude and reverence for this sacred gift to the world called Ingrid.

Loveday made $51K in 3 months.

Steena sold $40K in 4 months.

Randina went from $10K months to $600K within 5 months.

From $80 sessions to a $6K day in 8 weeks.

Jayaleigh went from selling $100 yoga sessions to having her first $20K cash week.

Bridget sold her first $40K offer paid in full and then sold out her group program.

Christina started selling $12K packages paid in FULL.

Joanna make more money than she ever has.

Ruthie went from being a 9 to 5er to rocking her witchy empire.

Leah had her first $20K month after 3 months of working with us.

Paula sold out her retreat in 3 days and went on to book 80 sales calls from one webinar.

Sally made more money than she ever has.

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