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“Last month was my biggest month yet – $128.5K in revenue. No accounts payable or people who signed up on a payment plan that may or may not pay me. $128.5K PAID IN FULL.”


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“From royally screwed at $100 an hour to $20K cash week and a new house. Ingrid’s work is nothing short of life changing.”


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“I sold $51K in 3 months working with Ingrid and I’ve just sold $23K in 10 days! Ingrid’s the best in the business. Her strategic mind and deep soulful care is unparalleled. While my husband was recovering from a terrible accident, we were approved for a loan to build a new house on my salary alone!

As well as the financial ascension, is my ability now to serve my clients on a deeper level than ever before. Ingrid is a master teacher and has your back each step of the way, lifting you into higher dimensions. Ingrid is a sage and a seer and working with her has changed my life forever!


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Case study: Anu Grace

  • Started owning her power and message
  • Now using webinars to share her message by expressing her diva essence
  • Customers in love with her and her message, and they’re buying
  • $150K webinars x 3 and just shy of $1 million in 9 months
  • Not only has she transformed her business, she’s deeply transformed every area of her life

Within 4 weeks of working with Ingrid I brought in an additional $23K in income from one webinar and within 3 months I had my biggest launch and made $130,000 from one webinar! I then went on to sell close to $700K in one year working with Ingrid. We’re now setting up my funnels and developing new products and getting ready for incredible expansion. It’s time for my million-dollar year! Ingrid is the most loving and strategic women I’ve ever worked with. She works at the speed of light and guides you each step of the way.


“I went from $2000 to $200,000 in 12 weeks.”


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“I made $70,000 cash in 7 weeks. Not only have I made more money than ever, but I’m now living from my true divine power. Ingrid has activated me deeply to own my voice and my strength. Ingrid is a sacred, holy and divine teacher and leader from another dimension!”


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“I went from $10K months to consistent $24K months in 8 weeks, and then went on to have my first multi-six figure launch since joining CEO Diva. I just bought a new house too!

I’m just blown away by Ingrid’s power, integrity and love. I literally prayed for a divine mentor to show up to take my business to the next level and Ingrid arrived.


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more case studies below:

Ingrid is a powerful business sage! Since working with her, I’ve sold over $150K in high-end packages {including selling my first ever $40K package paid in FULL – woo hoo}, and filled my first online group program, Manifest Your Divine Man. My energy and frequency is at a whole other level! I’ve quadrupled my list by owning my message, my channel power and my voice. I’m a completely different woman.


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Ruthie went from being a 9 to 5er
to rocking her witchy empire.

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Dawn made over £22k since joining
High-End Empire and Million Dollar Diva

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Jane went from the deep pit of bankruptcy to selling
$22,000 from 2 clients in 1 week, both paid in full.

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Paula sold out her retreat in 3 days and went
on to book 80 sales calls from one webinar.

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I made $68K in 4 months. I love Ingrid because she really helped me up my brand from mediocre to high-end priestess. I LOVE how she is fierce as f#ck, calls me on my bullshit, but also has a HUGE and generous heart. She really encouraged me to rise, even higher than I saw myself when I first signed up! I’ve made more money than I ever have and I am standing in my power. Ingrid and Rebecca combined is like a force of nature priestess lift off!! If you want to ascend in rapid abundance and love, join these women and rise.


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Tori earned over $17,500 from VIP sales
within the first 7 weeks.

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Rachel made over $50,000 AUD of additional
income since joining High-End Empire.

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Tabita stopped overgiving and learned
how to sell instantly with grace.

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Steena went from start up to $40K in 4 months.

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“I launched my program and made $56K in 2 months following the High-End Empire teachings.”


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Joanne made more money than she ever has.

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Cindy went from $80 sessions to a $6K day in 8 weeks.

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Within 2 weeks of joining High-End Empire,
Tamala sold 5 VIP Packages worth $15,000.

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Ellie went from $500 with debt collectors
calling to $21K in sales.

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“Vanessa went from broke to $21K in her first month of joining HEE and now consistently sells $10K packages paid in FULL.”

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Kirsty secured $17,000 worth of high-end sales
midway through the program.

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Cheryl increased her revenue by $20,000
in under 3 months.

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By investing in Ingrid’s High-End Empire, I discovered that not only did I have one warrior woman in my corner, I had an entire sisterhood of divas committed to rising together.

The icing on the cake was that my bank account was looking rather lush within weeks of starting my work with Ingrid, and that wasn’t because of some secret funnel that magically brought me clients. No: Ingrid shamelessly showed me my own resistance to growth, but with loads of compassion and a hefty dose of conquering love. With the fierce diva power and femininity that rule her empire, she called me out of hiding to RISE, show up, and sell!

I made $27K in 2 months, and my sales just keep rolling in. If there’s one message that I wish everyone could hear about working with Ingrid, it’s this: you’re not just buying business strategy with Ingrid. You can find a funnel guru anywhere.

What you’re investing in when you join High-End Empire is the spirit, energy, and frequency of Xena, the warrior princess of business, who will call you into your power with a snap of her fingers and a whip of her lasso of love and truth.


Simply put, Ingrid is a ‘miracle on legs’ and working with her has transformed my life on every level. I was struggling, going broke, my self worth had bottomed out, and I had absolutely no idea how to build and run my business. I have a rare gift, but I was totally lost and on the verge of giving up. Signing up to work with her both terrified me and excited me, but I just knew I had to do it. Ingrid’s direct approach is honest, fierce and yet humble. She is deeply committed to serving her clients with compassion, generosity and integrity and for the first time ever, I felt completely seen, understood and supported.

Her ability to envision, create and strategize high-end packages, programs and marketing plans is amazing. And still it gets better… she has an incredibly strong and clear connection with Source, so all her work is infused and powerfully and energetically aligned with love. I trusted her and made the breakthrough to sell high-end offers! She helped me break free from my patterns of self sabotage to create programs rich with content where I feel excited to serve my clients from a place of deep self worth, fulfillment, abundance and joy. And I couldn’t have done it without her. Ingrid is one in a billion. She’s the real deal. I can’t recommend working with her highly enough. Do yourself the biggest favor ever… and sign up!


Ingrid is fierce. She is gentle. She is tough. She will kick your ass if you need it. She will hold you if you need it. She is everything you need her to be, when you need it. She is so amazingly loving, generous and one of the best mentors I’ve ever had. She makes you want to be better. At everything. If you even have an inkling of a desire to join High-End Empire, do it. You’ll know right away if it’s a good fit for you or not. Ingrid genuinely cares about you and your success, and her constant overdelivery proves how dedicated she is to her clients.


Ingrid Arna is literally the best in the biz. She supports you while you go there. That is what I believe makes her so unique. Not only does she teach the skill set – she believes so much in you – she holds that space for you. Trust me. I just have to say you ARE AMAZING! In the short time I worked with you (literally less than 60 days) I made some major mindset changes! From designing your strategy, to developing copy and branding, opt’s in while ensuring that I had the belief in myself to reach my vision.

Ingrid was there every single day to answer any questions and to offer her wise counsel. I was able to let go of my old story, attract 2 high-end clients in the first 30 days of working with her. Now I’ve just launched Marketing Academy for Coaches. Without your guidance, I would not have had the faith to do this! Thanks so much – you are divine and I love everything about you & your programs. They are worth every penny & more!


Ingrid has energy that is OUT OF THIS WORLD! She can be a FIERCE boss-lady, but at the same time is able to show compassion and hold space for us divas when certain blocks come up. She totally knows her stuff and is EXTREMELY generous with her time and content.

Ingrid and Chris always did a fabulous job of assisting us in a timely manner. I really loved the classes.
This is a program that is truly for women who are tired of struggling in their businesses and are ready to move at lightspeed! In just the last couple of months of working with Ingrid, I have made so much more progress than in 2/3 of the first part of the year. I made some great, uber talented friends in the group. We all did our best to support each other as much as we could.

Get ready to have a fire lit under your bum! There’s no more holding back and hiding. You’ve got to move! Move! Move!


“The support in CEO Diva is unparalleled. I’ve tripled my income working smarter not harder and healed my soul! Ingrid is a force of nature. She’s a marketing sage and spiritual guide all in one.

I doubled my fees, and started to sell $10,000 programs effortlessly in the first 2 months I’ve deeply shifted at a soul level and I am now travelling the world teaching! There was a lot of force in my business and life that has now been replaced with systems and self-love. It has been the most phenomenal experience. I’ve expanded into a whole other powerful woman! The investment I made was worth every single cent plus some. Ingrid gives from her heart.”


“I tripled the price of my offers, and I’m booking clients at the new price with ease.
Ingrid is the total package. She puts her heart into every coaching interaction and shares real strategies that work. Ingrid goes beyond strategy to the core of emotional healing which has allowed me to radically up-level my confidence in what I do.

I’m now owning the true value of the work I do and what I have to offer the world, while I move into becoming a leader. Ingrid has supported me in everything from building my funnels to sales, video, my public speaking power and program development. I’m living more authentically, from a place of deep connection and alignment with my truth. I’ve learned the art of honouring my soul and the incredible ripple effect this has on all aspects of my life.


I skyrocketed my business in 6 months. Even more importantly – I’m working LESS than I ever have before. What got me to six figures was hustling like crazy. It took me a long time to find a coach that I could trust and really count on and feel confident that the investment I made would pay off! I’m beyond grateful I have found Ingrid to take me to the next level in my business.

Ingrid is like no other coach I have heard of or worked with before. She really looks at your business from all angles — spiritual, personal and at a strategic level. Ingrid is willing and eager to help me no matter what I need (from blog posts to video, program creation, mind-set upgrades, selling and more). I can feel her passion and attention to my business with every correspondence we have. This woman is the real deal! I went from having a VA business to a full scale Facebook Ad Agency.”


Working with Ingrid has been an incredible life and career transforming experience. The support, heart, soul, compassion, expertise and talent that she pours into every moment is inspiring and I believe to be unparalleled in mainstream coaching. Since taking the leap to invest in Ingrid, my soul path has radically come into focus, my business is rapidly moving forward and I’ve stepped into a whole new level of confidence in my abilities as a leader, healer and mystical music maven.

Her ability to illuminate my strengths and graciously hold space for my weaknesses to be transformed has been priceless. If you want to expand your business, your spirit, your life and your bank account, invest in Ingrid and she will blow the top off of every area in your life (with grace of course) to expose the gorgeous goddess abundant diva that you are so you can shine your epic talents into the world.


Ingrid’s work is a mixture of potent and activating magic, sales activation and pure priestess fierce love. I came to Ingrid wanting to take my sacred business and my life’s work to the next level.


I sold 11 high-ticket spots in my one-year immersion program and made more than a year’s salary in 2 weeks from my first session with Ingrid. To say I’m blown away by her love and mastery is an understatement. This is the foundation of my life’s work. After a few weeks of deep purification and re-alignment after such a huge shift, the rapid ascension is now being passed onto my students. Ingrid is part mystic and part marketing diva, that’s for sure.


Ingrid’s work is beyond words, you just need to feel her fierce, activating energy which leaves no room for hesitation, making yourself small and being afraid of your own power – and takes you immediately to the first class flight both energetically and strategically! She sees you. Also her deep compassion and dedication towards making this world a better place through empowering women is very important for me. She embodies the new femme power role model of the new era.


Ingrid’s work is life changing. I struggled for years without a clue about what was going wrong in my business as I stayed hidden and full of shame. It turned out that I needed to get acquainted with myself in an entirely new and powerful way. It was thanks to Ingrid’s guidance, truth and shining example that I was able to make these subtle and powerful shifts.

Learning from Ingrid has allowed me to fully realize my own power, own who I am and bravely bust through old limitations. Life will never be the same. There’s no looking back. I now have big plans and the diva confidence to pull them off. Boom.”


“Ingrid is real! She is a self-made superstar who goes above and beyond to show her own brilliance as often as she shows her own vulnerability. This allowed me to see that as a professional, being myself and sharing my truths creates a strong and beautiful connection between myself and my clients. I value Ingrid’s integrity, intelligence and sacred openness as a coach, and I look forward to offering the same high value of service with my own clients.

Thank you Ingrid and Chris for offering such a gorgeous environment of professional knowledge and emotional support. I have changed incredibly throughout this process. I’m more aligned to myself than ever before. I’ve completely changed my life to fit my new alignment. This work has been truly life-changing.”


“She’s incredible in so many ways. She actually cares, she’s extremely generous, authentic, passionate, creative and an AMAZING role model when it comes to owning your worth as a feminine, embodied woman. She is very present in the Facebook group and constantly shares her light. Feel the fear and do it anyway. Give yourself this gift.”


“Ingrid is mind-blowingly amazing! Her free content alone is so powerful and activating that it made me shift into a higher vibration where I brought in $10K in 10 days with ease and now my program is selling out! Now that I’ve invested in working with her, I’ve sold out my high-end 1-on-1 program, and my new group program is launching soon. She’s totally changed my life and my business!”


“Ingrid is an intuitive badass when it comes to healing your business and life from the inside out. I went from a confused hot mess with no brand or following to total clarity, purpose and deep knowledge with what I am here to achieve! Ingrid holds space for you like a fierce love warrior queen and you have no other choice but to rise. If you work with Ingrid and Rebecca you can be assured your life will change in magical divine ways.”


“We’ve been blown away by her whip-smart strategy, love and integrity. It’s been phenomenal. Unlike many coaches, Ingrid goes above and beyond to hold both the energetic and emotional space along with offer incredible practical monetization. We’ve completely restructured our business, sold 8 spots {just shy of $100,000} in our mastermind within six weeks and are quickly charting our 7-figure expansion with clarity and sustainability. She moves at the speed of light and so do we. Seriously deeply grateful.”


Oprah talks about living your best life. Ingrid makes it happen!

Ingrid is dynamic, clever, powerful and generous.
I really believe Ingrid isn’t just a divine money mentor but a spiritual messenger.

Ingrid shows us how to value our clients deeply and honor ourselves in equal measure. Her revenue acceleration strategy is about giving your clients the best service money can buy to ensure they are supported 100% to reach their dreams and goals.
In return for such attention, quality and service, Ingrid teaches us how to receive the abundance we deserve!

After a long period of burn out, I engaged Ingrid to shake up my abundance mindset! Her process is illuminating, and it goes way beyond making more money – it travels into the heart of what everyone wants: love, joy, connection, radiance and freedom for ourselves and for our clients. Since our time together, I’ve gone on to launch my new coaching academy to great success. I’m eternally grateful.”


“Ingrid’s work, love and generosity is unparalleled. She is a master teacher and leader of the divine.

Ingrid holds so much space, she is incredibly caring, honest, fierce and loving. She not only coached, mentored and moved me to sell my very first high-end offer of $4K, but she also changed my internal dialogue that I had of my own abilities.

Ingrid never gave up on me and would not let me give up on myself. That is the difference with Ingrid. I always felt supported, guided, loved and encouraged to reach for more, to be the successful business woman and leader that I wanted to be. She is the role model that I want to be!

I’ve had several coaches and Ingrid is the only one who got me to achieve more than I ever thought I could. In fact, she is the only coach that mentored me in exactly the right way so that I would achieve success. I’m forever changed, upleveled and shape shifted due to Ingrid’s divine love.”


“Honestly, I’m blown away!

Name a coach who is as committed and effing invested in your success as Ingrid?

I’m not new to working with coaches or investing in myself and my business but, hand on heart, I have never worked with such a powerful and potent vortex of coaches and healers as I have with Ingrid and her team – all of whom are rooting for me to show up as my BEST self, so I can help the people that need me.

Every. Single. Day I’m filled with gratitude and feel emotional about how blessed I am that Ingrid came into my life!

I know that I’m deeply supported by Ingrid and her team, and I’m always excited to jump into the group to attend the next powerful coaching call or healing session.

Honestly, those healing sessions are like audio GOLD with diamonds on top. Every week, the right message at the right time lands in my ears to help me unblock something that I didn’t even think was a block!

I can’t say it enough: thank you, thank you, thank you :)”


I started with 5 lives and booked 22 calls on my calendar! Women who said no to my $1500 mastermind suddenly wanted in on my $5K business school. I changed my vibration and went from nice to powerful diva! I remembered who the f#ck I am!

I went on to sell 42 spots in 5 weeks for my high-end mastermind. Ingrid is one powerful teacher.”


I just made $50,000 from my first webinar and I sold 30 spots in my membership!
Ingrid is one of the most brilliant and generous leaders I know. It took me a long time to find a mentor that I could trust. I have gone through a massive shift in my business.

I am serving and connecting to a deeper level of power and it feels incredible. My work and my energy have transformed as I own my voice and the power of my work. Ingrid’s power and vibration is so potent that you are transported to a new dimension.


Ingrid’s work centers around personal growth and integrity to self. For those who need healing — whether they know it or not — it occurs. Personal growth, strength, and confidence are inevitable. Spiritual magical healing permeates Ingrid’s work and sets her apart from so many others.


I made $50,000 in 8 days after a one hour session with Ingrid! This woman is a powerhouse x 10000. Not only is she fierce but also deeply loving, she honors her word and shows up for you in a way that is rare and exquisite. I feel deeply blessed to have Ingrid on my team.


Ingrid has a gift. She’s an intuitive Goddess doctor. She scans through your layers to uncover the obstacles that are blocking your success. Ingrid then uses her sharp insight to create powerful and unique destiny plans that give you the concrete steps and tools you need to create your rich, juicy life. Ultimately, Ingrid helps you to move past those obstacles and into your highest vision of yourself, your life and your success.


Ingrid created a stellar program and brand strategy for my business. I was blown away by her creativity, insight and speed. Ingrid’s work is a rare mix of soulful vision, strategic marketing and financial planning. If you want a revenue breakthrough that allows for more time and ease to enjoy your life, you need to work with this woman.


I went from startup to $18K days, to selling VIP intensives and private immersions and completely overhauled my life, not just my business! Ingrid guided my copy, positioning, sales, branding and funnel creation. She’s a genius with the biggest heart!


Ingrid’s level of support-loving, saucy, and firm when needed is unparalleled. DO IT! It’s the best money I’ve spent on coaching. I don’t believe I’d be where I’m at now financially if I hadn’t taken this course. Before I signed up, I was feeling panicky and helpless. I don’t feel that now. I feel like a business woman on a mission. I feel empowered. Bolder. Stronger. Thank you!


Within 2 months of investing in Ingrid’s CEO DIVAMIND program and creating my high-level offer with the support of Ingrid’s entire team, I’ve gone from the deep pit of bankruptcy to selling $22,000 from 2 clients in 1 week, both paid in full.


After joining High-End Empire, I called in an extra $10K within 3 days. The combination of deep support, incredible community, and sacred teachings is unparalleled.


“Ingrid is the golden strategy activation Queen.She honed in on my energy, aligned my sales strategy and messaging and I made $163,000 US in 2 weeks after 2 hours of working with Ingrid. I closed those sales 3 days later to the most amazing women.”


Ingrid is transformational, full stop. There is no better word for her. I have never worked with anyone like her. She calls you out on your B.S and loves you up when you need it. And she gives, gives, gives. I’ll be working with Ingrid as long as she takes on clients because she is incredible.


Ingrid has a strong, high-vibe frequency that creates a truly sacred space for growth. I know that she unconditionally holds my highest good and most divine vision whether I can see it on a particular day or not! She has laser sharp intuition and calls your B.S. with grace and love when she sees it.”


Mind-blowing! Epic! Life changing! Must do! A must for every woman. Ingrid is a straight shooter. She tells it like it is with love. Ingrid and Rebecca are both masterful and loving healers. Leap into this vortex, and your life will change.”


Ingrid is a force of nature when it comes to business, money and self-love. She’s a one-of-a-kind coach and high priestess healer who is smart, direct, fun to work with, and gives straight from the heart. She will blow your way with her potent power.”


“I sold out my mastermind in 3 months and my business keeps growing! Ingrid truly cares about every woman in the program and responds to all questions and posts very quickly. She is deeply loving yet kick-ass and really knows her stuff because she has gone through the transformation herself. Her support is first class! Just listen to your inner voice telling you to go for it.”


“Gosh, lady, the fierce LOVE you infuse into every part of your work is palpable! I’m already starting to transform my business, and I’m so excited about what I’ll be rolling out over the next few months. It might have taken me many years (to find the courage alone) to create my new offers without your program and infectious energy. Tons of love for you, woman!”


“Ingrid is very motivating and quite direct — which I love. She gets to the heart of the issue quickly and that helped me to see patterns that were not serving me. If you’re stuck in indecision or procrastination, or you just plain don’t know how to get your business generating income, Ingrid will light a fire under your tush that will have you taking action pronto. Ingrid is the most inspiring mentor I’ve ever worked with.”


Ingrid pushes you, but in the most loving way. I’ve worked with other coaches who are too nice — trying to be liked — and others who go for gold but forget the client has feelings or a life. I’m a super sensitive soul, crazy hard on myself, and have a lot on my plate. Ingrid always knew where the line was. She knew how hard to push me and when, without pushing me over the edge. And I noticed that she knew where that line was for everyone.”


“I’m just not the same woman. I’m charging more, everything in my ENTIRE life is upgrading, and I feel more grounded in my vision. Friends, family, and clients are ALL noticing the change in me. I also started to sell high-end offers after years of suffering from money shame and guilt. I’m so glad I leapt! If you’re more inclined to excuses and drama, it might not be right for you. But if you’re ready to be massively supported AND to rock your business like the divine diva you are, DO IT. Seriously.”




becomes a heck load easier when you own your voice and rock strategy that works.