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Hey divine diva, Right now it’s time to RISE, and I’m inviting you to join us and thrive like so many of my clients! ✨ ✔️ Sarah had 2 x $200K+ launches. ✔️ Emily built a 7-figure brand over 18 months. ✔️ Ahneyah went from $2K in the bank to $200K in 4 months. ✔️ Anu sold $700K over 10 months. ✔️ Deepthi sold $168K in 3 weeks. ✔️ Eleni sold $50K in 8 days. ✔️ Loveday made $51K in 3 months, and then did it again shortly afterwards. ✔️ Randina went from $10K/month to $24K/month to multi-six figures. ✔️ Monique sold 42 spots in her program in 5 weeks. ✔️ Abi scaled to $185K in 4 months. ✔️ Henna sold $100K in 3 months selling her angelic course. ✔️ Tarzan filled her mastermind and made $125K in cash. ✔️ Charlottehad her first $20K month. ✔️ Molly made six figures over 4 months. ✔️ Monique sole 25 spots in her program and brought in $125K over 8 weeks. ✔️ Mina did $70K during her first 40 days in High-End Empire Divamind. It’s all possible… when you have a proven path to follow and fierce, emotional resilience and embodied wisdom to support you. 💕 Two months from now, will you be telling your own High-End Empire story or not? And will it be about the extra $20K, $50K, $100K, $300K, or $500K in your bank account? 💰 If you’re committed to making your next launch the biggest ever, let us help you make it real⁠—in any economy! WHEN YOU FINALLY PUT THE PIECES TOGETHER, YOU’LL BE UNSTOPPABLE, ON FIYAH 🔥, AND IN CHARGE OF YOUR BUSINESS, LIFE, AND LEGACY. ✨ If you’re done with average success and slow burn growth and want a comprehensive PROVEN program to help you scale like a BOSS DIVA... then we’ve got you. 💎 You’ll never need another program. 💎 You won’t find more support. I’m talking about building your business working from nourishment and divine feminine power... with time for you and time for your loved ones, minus the chronic hustle and the excess force. #screwthepatriarchy 💃 Are you ready to discover how I help my clients quantum leap into a heck load more dosh and impact with stellar strategy and GRACE… in half the time, while working half as much? HIGH-END EMPIRE is the best business immersion on the planet because it gets women, just like you, REAL results. 🙌 You’ll hear this from client after client, story after story. If you’re over suffering, exhaustion, and overwhelm 😔 that so many brilliant entrepreneurs face, you have to change what you’re doing right now. High-End Empire Divamind promises to reconnect you to your inherent power to allow you to truly show up, shine, and close sales from a place of love, power, and service. ✨ If you follow my lead and commit to doing the work, you’ll be able to significantly grow your income by becoming a powerful leader, grounded in your message and your gifts. 🎁 We’ll show you how to: ❤️ expand your reach and multiply your income 💰 while you connect more deeply to your purpose. ❤️ sell with soul as you fully own your story and your style. ❤️ launch a global brand 🌏 as you take center stage online. ❤️ establish strategic systems to give you more time to enjoy your LIFE. ❤️ get high paying clients while working from your laptop. ❤️ make more money than you ever have over the next six months by learning how to fill your high-end offers, masterminds, and group programs, like my students have done, with love and ethics but without the hardcore hustle. ❤️ ❤️ sell digital programs that leverage your business, time, and revenue. ❤️ skyrocket your list and become a global rock star with a message that inspires and activates your tribe. 😍 ❤️ build a team that allows you to focus on you working in your zone of genius {say ‘goodbye’ to energetic drains}. ❤️ sell with sassy siren soul without feeling like a money hungry cow. ❤️ release your energetic blocks and subconscious fears, so you can liberate your inner CEO Diva. ❤️ own your abundant superpowers to magnetize money and significant cashflow to grow your brand. 🔥 So what’s your next step? Set up a call with my team. 📞 This POTENT AF call will get you laser lucid clear on what to do next, regardless of whether it’s with us or not. If you’re ready to learn from a mentor with over 20 years of business experience, who built her online empire to 7 figures in 2 years {with her ethics, moxie, and sanity intact} and then did $3 million in her third year of business while helping her clients to 10x their income, then you’ve come to the right place. 🔥 Our team at High-End Empire is ready to welcome you in with a lot of LOVE! All you’ve got to do is THIS... STOP WAITING AND SNAG YOUR SPOT. 🔥 We’ll help you get booking consults in a matter of days… and sell more as you serve like a boss diva. E-learning is a US$107 billion industry. Isn’t it time you claimed your divine piece of it? 💰 Are you in? 😍 Fixated by your divine success, Ingrid Arna Leading 7-Figure Strategist  


Ingrid Arna is the founder and CEO of The Ingrid Arna Company and the creator of the Gucci of online business programs, High-End Empire. Her brand of coaching is far from generic. She’s here to help people like YOU wake the eff up, so they can claim their sacred power to lead, serve and build a legacy of divine wealth and global impact.

Through her work as a leading business strategist, wealth advocate, and agent of transformation, Ingrid has taught hundreds of visionary online entrepreneurs, mystics, healers and coaches to stop playing small, step into their brilliance, and build high-end empires with clarity, confidence and divine femme power and WITHOUT sacrificing themselves and those they LOVE.

Through her intensive studies in vibrational healing and her 20+ years of experience working for multimillion-dollar corporate brands, celebrity clients, and startups, Ingrid learned that the key to global impact and radical, positive change is to combine rapid business growth and cutting-edge marketing strategy with deep healing and emotional clearing. Armed with this realization Ingrid created her renowned integrative approach to coaching that centres on transformational healing work that allows her students and clients to crush toxic limiting-beliefs, break free from self-sabotage, and release addiction to sacrifice in order to build a
rich, nourishing life and business.

Ingrid's work has landed coverage in broadcast outlets around the world, including Vogue, Cosmopolitan, InStyle, The Huffington Post, Good Health Magazine, Fox News and The Steve Harvey Show.

Since becoming a mother, the only resolution Ingrid has stuck to is swapping G-strings for granny panties and quadrupling her fees. She’s never been happier. To learn more about Ingrid Arna and The Ingrid Arna Company, visit www.ingridarna.com.