You can have it all, Diva!



Whether your business is painfully stalled out at six figures or your bank account is back in overdraft for the third month in a row, I have a potent secret to share with you…

In 2019, the way you set your intentions and vision is going to have to change radically if you want to allow yourself to ascend into the next realm.

Shifting the trajectory of your future is about shifting the course of history for yourself.

What does that really mean?

Stop judging your mistakes, claim who you are now and give yourself permission to rise, sista!

Clinging to your past, your mistakes, your money karma drama, and toxic stories about what you haven’t been able to achieve is not going to serve you. It will drag your energy down into poverty and continue to keep you enslaved to your hustle, burnout, adrenaline-junkie ways.

In this video, I’ve shared the five questions you must be asking yourself now and daily in order to stay true to your vision in 2019 and breakthrough to the next divine realm of your sacred work, your financial empowerment, and your fierce Diva-fire filled life.





I take a stand for myself, for my work, and for women.

I put my fear to the side and show up.

I claim my ovarian power. I am always creating.

I claim riches for myself. I claim owning my voice. I claim the fullest expression of myself.




To 10x or even 100x your income in 2019, you can no longer tolerate your own trauma patterns, worries, and stories.

Invest your energy in sustaining your inner poverty and your ROI will be an energetic deficit manifested as financial, emotional, and spiritual chaos.

Invest your energy in sustaining your gifts, serving your clients, and constantly seeking to improve how you are supported in sharing your powerful message and service in the world and your ROI will be an energetic surplus manifested as financial, emotional, and spiritual ascension.

This is the energetic dimension of the Diva that my program, High-End Empire, holds for my clients.




We set our standards high to call you to rise.


Are you ready, Diva?

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