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I’ll get my message short today because I’m working on a wonderful part two edition of this RICH LIFE Manifesto.

If you want to live rich my Goddess friend, if you want luxury, exotic vacation on Ko Samui in gorgeous island villa, you have to claim it. You have to make a CHOICE to reclaim your unlimited abundance. Will you babe? Will you get over your fear enough to START right now?

Today I have three divine questions for you to start you on your Rich Life CEO Diva Manifestation Process. Please write your answers down.

1. What do you deeply desire this year? Ask you soul and body by placing your hand on your heart. Don’t let your heard take over. This is a soul conversation. Whatever comes up first is what you truly want for this year.

2. What do you need to release / heal in order to manifest and create this desire with ease.

3. Who do you need to be/ what traits do you need to embody in order to manifest your desires? For example: I need to be clear, powerful, loving, focused and deliberate in my actions. I must reclaim my wisdom, insight by trusting my choices and following my desire with absolute juicy conviction.

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Much Love and Riches,