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Bridget Engel


I sold my first high-end program for $40,000 just 5 weeks after signing up for CEO Diva Business School – and it was paid in full! I’m now filling my one-year manifesting program, and I’m on track to sell it out before I officially launch.

Ingrid is genuine, highly intuitive and kick-ass when it comes to getting you to show up, shine & make more money in your business. The support I’ve received from Ingrid, her team and the online sisterhood community has been incredible.

Emily Hirsh

CEO of

Ingrid is like no other coach I have heard of or worked with before. She really looks at your business from all angles - spiritual, personal and at a strategic level.She's willing and eager to help me no matter what I need (from blog posts, to video, program creation, mindset upgrades, selling and more). I can feel her passion and attention to my business with every correspondence we have.

Within the first month I launched my new website, nabbed a TV interview, raised my prices, positioned myself as a strategist, got 10 new sales call bookings, started my FB ad campaign, developed a high-end program and high-end group program launching in January. This woman is the real deal!

It took me a long time to find a coach that I could trust and really count on and feel confident that the investment I made would pay off! I'm beyond grateful I have found Ingrid to take me to the next level in my business.

Caitlin McCarthy


Firstly, why have you NOT signed up for CEO Diva Business School?!?!

Ingrid Arna is ONE OF A KIND!! I don’t know of any other business coach that is the WHOLE PACKAGE in the way she is! In fact, I don’t even know if “business coach” really does her justice .. she’s SO much more than that!

She absolutely delivers on what she promises (and then some!), is 100% upfront & honest and is SO generous with her time & oodles of knowledge (she KNOWS her SHIZ regarding strategy, marketing & all the “business-y” stuff). She also actually walks her talk when it comes to mindset & doing business in a feminine way with flow and grace. On top of that, she genuinely wants you to succeed – you’re not JUST a number!

With Ingrid’s guidance, I started my coaching career selling $5K packages and now I’m getting ready to launch my first group program. Ingrid has helped me map it all out with her unparalleled creative juju, copy guidance, branding, video training, program creation, design, sales training and deep soul support.

I could not have built my business as quickly as I have without her support. That’s for sure!

Stop buying courses or paying money to people that don’t deliver! Ingrid is the REAL DEAL.

Sign up for CEO Diva Business School … NOW!

Sherry Hemstreet

Nutritionist, Spiritual Teacher and Divine Intuitive

Ingrid is beyond phenomenal. She’s brilliant at strategy and getting you to monetise your knowledge in a way that brings you FREEDOM and peace of mind

I was looking for the next step in my business and miraculously Ingrid appeared. Not only did she have the answers I was seeking:

She heard me.

She validated me and my idea and brought it to life, through me.

She recognized my Mastery.

She was able to do this because of her own Mastery in Business and Divine Energy Alchemy.

In the few hours we spent together she held nothing back, not one trade secret, or proprietary process. I was changed, transformed, broken open and loved through it all. She coached me through beliefs and business and held me in a space of healing and love as the tears emerged, along with my new business model.

Her light and love illuminated the light in me, even greater, so that I was able to step into a space of authentic creation and enormous impact, using my own Mastery and creating my own program. I haven't even announced my program and people are already asking to be put on the list! The results from our time have been monumental and life changing.

If you’re ready to go all the way in a space of grace and unchartered success you want Ingrid with you.Don't wait, she is the answer, the sign you’ve been looking for!

Jena la Flamme

CEO and author of Pleasurable Weight Loss: the Secrets of Feeling Great, Losing Weight and Loving Your Life Today.

Ingrid is a force of nature when it comes to business, money and self-love. Her creative mind and marketing mojo are inspirational. She’s a one-of-a-kind coach who is smart, direct, fun to work with, and gives straight from the heart. Ingrid has opened my eyes to new ways to structure my business that expand my capability to serve my audience and share the gift of peace through eating and living with pleasure.

Terri Cole

leading licensed psychotherapist and transformation coach

Ingrid created a stellar program and brand strategy for my business. I was blown away by her creativity, in sight and speed. Ingrid's work is a rare mix of soulful vision, strategic marketing and financial planning. If you want a revenue breakthrough that allows for more time and ease to enjoy your life, you need to work with this woman.

Zharina Robertson

Photographer & Author

Ingrid made my dream come true - getting a stellar gig as the key photographer for a huge event with entrepreneur, Ali Brown, and 20 other leading Australian coaches. Ingrid's a strategy and creative genius. She re-wrote my entire pitch (which was pretty lame before she got her hands on it) and devised my strategy to ensure that I pre sented a win-win offer that leveraged my brand, built formidable relationships with the incredible women and generated stellar sales.

Tiana Gustafson

Branding, Monetization & Online Strategist and CEO Diva of

From the first consult with Ingrid, I knew I wanted to work with her. Within minutes of our first session, she was hard at work writing out a business plan for me to bring in money immediately. I didn’t look back. I jumped right in with her. If she believed I could hit over $300K, well I had better get on board quick! Within 5 days of my first session with Ingrid, I closed my 2 highest paying contracts ever at 45% more than I'd ever charged before!

If she believed I could hit over $300K, well I had better get on board quick! Within 5 days of my first session with Ingrid, I closed my 2 highest paying contracts ever at 45% more than I'd ever charged before!

Ingrid helped me come up with an incredible brand strategy and was there for me every step of the way with valuable insight and creativity.

Before working with Ingrid, I was scattered brained in life and in business resulting in daily overwhelm and extreme stress with not enough money coming in! Since working with Ingrid, I’ve found focus, clarity and more FUN again in life and in my business. Plus, making a TON more money helps too!

If you're considering working with Ingrid, stop considering and send her payment right now because if you listen to what she says you will be ROLLING IN IT TOO (cash that is)! Seriously!

I've worked with MANY coaches and have never had these results. I can't say enough good things about her, but if I had to choose just 3 words they would be: Best. Coach. EVER. Ingrid honestly cares, connects and listens to your desires and goals and creates a plan customized just for you.

The day I met Ingrid will go down as the day my business life changed for the better forever! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

Jackie Isles

Wellness Strategist

Working with Ingrid has opened me into this beautiful place of knowing myself deep with in my soul. I now truly honor and value what I'm here to teach. Her process and guidance have inspired me to create a comprehensive 5 figure, a high-end program that is revolutionizing my business, my life style and the impact of my work.

Working at this level has changed my life. I'm attracting a global client base and it's just beginning.I've just launched my latest workshop which sold out in days. Ingrid an intuitive creative mastermind who will up level your business, your mindset, your worth and your service. She guides you with passion, whip smart action, fierce love and spiritual guidance.

Susanna Grant

Hypnobirthing Queen and CEO of The Grant Method

Ingrid gave me the courage to put my life story on my website today which was deeply personal and also the inspiration to launch my first high-end program. Two hours later, I received a booking and sold my first high-end program.

Peggy McColl

New York Times Best Selling author

Ingrid has a gift, She's an intuitive Goddess doctor. She scans through your layers to uncover the obstacles that are blocking your success. Ingrid then uses her laser sharp insight to create powerful and unique destiny plans that give you the concrete steps and tools you need to create you rich, juicy life. Ultimately, Ingrid helps you to move past those obstacles and into your highest vision of yourself, your life and your success.

Kylie Slavik

Story and Launch Expert for Women Entrepreneurs

If you're looking to master the inner game of wealth, look no further. If you're looking to sell high-end coaching that brings all of you in to the forefront while making you wildly wealthy, Ingrid is your woman. She rocks.

Ingrid is a breath of fresh air in an industry that has the potential to give you the lifestyle of your dreams, but too oftenis full of gurus who don't really tell you what's really going to work to build your business.

Ingrid is straight forward, no B.S, and one of the most sincere champions of your success I have ever met. She is full of love, but no fluff. She is fierce and she will be in your corner every step of the way.

Ingrid has a laser sharp in tuition combined with epic business experience that she pours into creating the most soulfully gorgeous programs that you can sell at high ticket prices.

Dawn Breslin

International Best Selling Author, Speaker and Coach

Oprah talks about living your best life. Ingrid makes it happen.

Ingrid is dynamic, clever, powerful and generous, I really believe she isn't just a divine money mentor but a spiritual messenger. Ingrid shows us how to value our clients deeply and how to honor our selves in equal measure. Her money making strategy is about giving your clients the best service money can buy, to ensure they are supported 100% to reach their dreams and goals. In return for such attention, quality and service, Ingrid teaches us how to receive the abundance we deserve. After a long period of burn out, I engaged Ingrid to shake up my abundance mindset! Ingrid was able to laser in on my business and show me how to implement a revenue model, which could yield multi six to seven figures, working part-time. Her process is illuminating, and it goes way beyond making more money - it travels into the heart of what everyone wants: love, joy, connection, radiance and freedom for ourselves and for our clients. I'm eternally grateful.

Sharona Lauto

Soul Mama, Channel and founder of Life Alchemy

Working with Ingrid has already significantly increased my income in a few weeks. I returned from holidays and sold my first two high-end programs in three days and brought in $10,000 in revenue and then $25,000 within three weeks. I've never done that before!

Working with Ingrid has radically changed my relationship to myself, my past and my business. Before commencing the CEO Diva program, I was scattered and not truly empowered to take the action I needed to build my business. Ingrid immediately identified the core beliefs that kept me trapped in just scraping by in my business.

Now, I feel truly excited and confident about my business. I'm able to ask for what I deserve and I know without a shadow of a doubt that I have what it takes to execute my dreams.

As I've healed through the CEO Diva program, my in tuition and channeling gift have up leveled big time allowing me to serve my clients at a deeper level. I've moved from playing the disempowered princess to rocking my CEO Diva Queen archetype.

The cool thing about working with Ingrid is that I'm also having a divine time getting these results without having to push and struggle my way to success. I am now building my business on my own terms. I've also been approached to partner with several big companies. When you work with Ingrid, you'll be making a life changing investment in your success. Watch this space.

Caitlin McCarthy

Nutritionist, Spiritual Teacher and Divine Intuitive

Ingrid Arna is priceless. Really. She's been an AH-MAZ-ING mentor, confidant, coach, friend and soul sista. Words don't (and can't) express the impact her presence has had on my life. I was able to launch my nutrition and transformational business selling $1500 one-day intensives and my $5000 high-end program.

Ingrid has helped me step into my divine power, gifts and intuition like nothing I've ever experienced. She guided me to move from being a run of the mill nutritionist to up leveling in to a much bigger vision of my work and calling. I now claim and deeply own that I'm a spiritual teacher. I've gained a TRUE understanding that I CAN as a determined divine woman co-create and fulfill every desire, want and need in my life, relationship, and business. And it can be done with ease and grace.

Ingrid says it like it is, with love, humor and patience. She holds an incredible amount of space and is one of the most generous women I know.

I couldn't have done this without Ingrid. She's a gem. She's helped me to heal my soul, clear my money fears and step in to my divine power as an intuitive visionary leader.

Kate Barnes

CEO of Our Happy Childrenand Kate Barnes

Ingrid is the real deal and one in a million. Working with Ingrid is one of the best things I've ever done.

She's a breath of fresh air and a marketing and branding powerhouse. Her ability to identify and confidently zero in on personal blocks that were holding me back, gave me an awesome and much needed holistic business approach that accelerated the growth of my practice.

In a matter of months, we developed a business model, created my new brand and developed a comprehensive coaching program: Our Healthy Children: The Leading Nutrition Program For Healthy Kids and Families. She has been with me every step of the way, givingher compassion, guidance, humor and wisdom. She has definitely taken my business, my confidence and personal growth to new heights. I am clear,centered and empowered to build a leading brand.

Ingrid has an inner strength that shines through and is incredibly motivating. She is professional, delivers beyond expectations, and has experience well beyond her years. She sets clear, achievable goals that stretched and challenged me to grow, and we achieved great results! Since working with Ingrid, I've also secured a corporate client, and developed additional programs and revenue streams. I am so grateful to have worked with Ingrid and highly recommend her CEO DIVA program.

Tasha Arden

Singer, Songwriter and Entrepreneur

It's been nothing short of a miracle working with Ingrid. She's magnificent! I just knew Ingrid could help me but it felt incredibly daunting because I sensed she was the real deal. It took a lot of courage and follow through to sign up and fully commit to working with her.

Ingrid has supported me from the very beginning to where I am now standing which is in a much happier place in my life. My confidence has grown, my creativity is flowing and I am immensely excited that I'm now actively working towards my dream career as a singer. I feel like I'm right where I need to be and it's very comforting.

If you've been lucky to come across Ingrid, DO IT! You've been drawn to her for a reason! Just dive in. You won't regret it. Oh but beware, you'll become a new person.

Eloise Meskanen

Astrologer and Coach

After doing the first invocation in Ingrid's program and a heartfelt coaching session with her, I was shown a new out-of-the-box package design, a new soulmate client showed up and signed up this morning for my first high-end program. Woo-hoo! So powerful. Ingrid's work the missing link if you want to sell high-end packages with soul.

Didiayer Synder

TV Show Host, Producer and Mamapreneur

Ingrid is a woman of sheer inspiration. She is a leader, a mother and an incredible business woman who is humble enough to share her gifts with the world. Ingrid's energy and her command for excellence has inspired me to increase my value by 1500%. I now communicate my vision and business decisions with a deeper confidence. Thank you Ingrid for your wisdom, generosity, and non-apologetic style of kicking ass!

Leora Edut

Creatix of Goddess On The Go

Ingrid's not only a MONEY Goddess but a LOVE Goddess too. The first time I worked with Ingrid, I was in deep pain. I was stuck in a relationship that I couldn't get out of. She led me through a healing meditation and then prescribed healing rituals to help me get through the anger and pain I was feeling. I wasn't trusting of much back then, but I felt a divine connection with Ingrid's energy and integrity, so I gave her process a go. Immediately I began to notice the ease that started to fill my life. Inspired my Ingrid's guidance, I broke free from my toxic relationship and what followed was a beautiful journey into learning how to deeply love myself. A year later, I found my life partner and we created a little love child. I'm so grateful for the opportunity of receiving Ingrid's deep wisdom. She's a loving kick-ass healer and mentor.

Dr Anu Gupta

Weight Loss and Nutrition Coach, Founder Weight-Wise

Ingrid is an incredible asset for inspired women around the world who want to create powerful change in their lives and communities. The course of my life trajectory has forever been shifted as a result of working with Ingrid. She is a straight to the point, masterful coach and mentor who would catch your limiting beliefs from thin air. Her unique ability to tap into her intuition to chart out simple, yet the most powerful action steps necessary to forward your life in the direction most needed at a time is simply phenomenal.

Before coaching with Ingrid, I was completely lacking in direction, confused about what steps to take in my business and afraid of putting myself out there. She helped me get laser focused on exactly what I need to do to grow my business. I learned several powerful distinctions during my time with her that accelerated my business in terms of revenue generation and enhanced the confidence in which I showed up in the world.

She brings your most brilliant ideas, gifts and powers out of hiding and helps you package them in a way that commands respect and wealth on the planet. The beautiful bonus is the ripple effect in my marriage which is way more loving as a result of working on my business and money beliefs, all thanks to Ingrid.

She absolutely rocks my world. Every time I speak with her, I feel inspired, energized, powerful and just happier to be alive. My heart is filled with gratitude and reverence for this sacred gift to the world called Ingrid.

Brianna Lee Nash

Juicy Life Coach & Square Space Designer

Ingrid gets it. She's real, incredibly clever and magical all in one. Before working with Ingrid, I was hiding and playing small, but now I'm fully ready to be seen so I can do the work I'm called to do.

Sometimes she would message me out of nowhere saying exactly what I needed to hear to kick my ass into gear and get out of the muck in my head. Immediately, I went from feeling stuck to putting everything I needed in place to attract new clients.

She's given me affirmations to help me reframe my mind around abundance and divine prayers to ignite my worth, along with a good dose of just the right amount of tough love. It really is a blessing having her in my life as a mentor and a friend. Her coaching is a fusion of love filled spiritual guidance and powerful strategy. I've upped my branding, my messaging, my mind and now my bank account is showing the results!

If you're on the fence about working with her, I would say don't think, just leap because your fear will get in the way of the epic transformation waiting for you.

Ashley Beaudin

Entrepreneur, Founder of The Firework Box and Copywriter

Ingrid is a force to be reckoned with. She carries the intuition to truly acknowledge people where they are while offering her experience to take them where they need to go. She is both nurturing and dynamic. Ingrid is a catalyst for the woman who is ready to grab ahold of their value, leave burn-out behind and make money doing what they were born to do.

It's Time

To Rise, Diva

Raise your worth. Raise your prices. Raise your joy.