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Welcome, Goddess.

If you want to leap into six figures and beyond, with badass strategy and GRACE in half the time, working half as much, you’ve come to the right place!

The world needs more empowered wealthy women. Will you be one of them?

This is the golden era of the femmepreneur. There’s never been a more exciting time in history for you to rise into riches, build your dream business, and unapologetically charge your true value.

This sacred space is where you’ll be lovingly guided with serious sass to follow your divine calling, own your power and skyrocket your income so that you may deeply serve your clients with the guidance and care that they deserve. It’s time to own your vision, embrace your gifts and go bolder so that you can serve in a bigger, juicier way than ever before, without sacrificing your soul.

We know you’re brilliant at what you do but you’re working way too hard for the money honey. Let me be very clear — if you’re currently stuck in under-earning Struggletown, it’s a choice. If you desire divine soul-mate clients eager to invest $10,000, $20,000 and $50,000 to work with you or you envision creating a group program that generates 5 to 6 figures each month, it’s 100% possible when you decide to go for GOLD by committing to yourself and working with me, darling. Yes, I’m super confident not from ego but from passion and a solid track record of getting big time juicy results for my clients. I want nothing more than to see you shine, serve and soar into divine abundance.

You’re sitting on a GOLDMINE. I’ll show you where it is. If you want a dose of my magic and you’re ready to move into six figures and beyond, I invite you to book in for your

To be clear, I work with the Divine to download your highest vision. My work is a powerful fusion between strategy, spiritual guidance, siren sales and sisterhood. It’s a new money paradigm that aligns divine feminine wisdom, emotional IQ and quantum physics. You’ll claim more soul, more money and more joy in your life and business. Take a moment, darling, and imagine waking up every morning confident that everything you desire is either already in your life or making its way to you. Because that is what you’re headed for.

Oh, and don’t be surprised if you lose weight, supercharge your romance with your beau, super change your healing powers, become a manifesting Diva and fall deeply in love with yourself on your journey. It’s all energy, darling. When you heal your money story, you heal all the parts of yourself that are blocking abundance. The Ingrid Arna transformation goes way beyond money. It’s a mind, body and soul makeover at electric speed. Everything I teach comes down to one core femme focus – LOVE.

The only New Year’s resolution I’ve been able to stick to since becoming a mother, three years ago, is giving up my G string (aka thong) addiction for granny pants and quadrupling my fees. I’ve never been happier! I can’t wait to show you how I did it.

I’m here as your kick-ass business strategist, spiritual guide and your soul sista to love you into greatness, riches, and freedom. By guiding you to your own North Star, I’ll show you how to claim your inherent divine power and the abundance that’s awaiting you. Only by letting go of scarcity and tapping into your worth will you breakthrough to 6 to 7 figure earnings. You won’t make bank until you bank on yourself.

It’s time to nourish your life, body and wallet, darling.

Much Love, Riches & CEO Diva Magic,


Client Love


Enter into a RICH New World, darling!

Are We Soul Mates?

Hi gorgeous, I shot this fun little video for you. If you’re ready to totally up-level your life and business and you’re searching for a strategist you can trust to guide you and love you into greatness, wealth and magical juju, then check it out. You’ll know for sure if we’re a match made in heaven or not! If you’ve watched the video and you’re feeling all warm and gooey instead, let’s chat. Jump on a call with me and let’s see what brilliance, clients and cash we can cook up! Depending on your needs, during our time together we will: Strategise your new business model, with less work and more money and fun! WOOT! Go from blah to crafting your core message, tagline and program names to have clients lining up to work with you Design (or re-design) your irresistible offerings Plan out your visibility strategy, so you can shift from best-kept secret to online SUPERSTAR Map out your sales…

I just received this divine note from a client, with a picture of the $40,000 check to prove it! “Dear Ingrid, Just landed my first hig-end client: a close friend of mine who wanted to join my divine, ascended mastery and manifesting program. I said ‘No, it's for women only.’ He said, ‘I want in.’ I said, ‘I will privately coach you for 1 year for $40,000 if you pay in advance, or it's $60,000 with installments.’ He wrote the check and here it is! Mary Magdalene was with me. Whahooo! You hold such high frequency for us girls, Ingrid.…

I don’t know about you, but some days I get so lethargic and “stuck” feeling… for no apparent reason. You might be thinking it’s Mercury Retrograde, planets are out of alignment – and everything just seems to be too hard, overwhelming, and exhausting. You secretly want to crawl in to bed and not get out for the next 2 weeks while this whole chaos passes you by! But business is calling, your children are calling, and life is calling you to a million different things that demand your attention. So what is really going on here, and how can you…

Ok, I'll confess something about me—I'm a 'loving, kick-ass money, marketing and sales coach and badass mystic priestess', which is what a client called me today. I'm also fierce. To stay in alignment and serve at my best, my fierce, badass mojo is going to be on ‘fiah’, so I can serve with magic from overflow, not exhaustion. I'm cutting out everything and everyone who is not in alignment—whoosh, gone. No blame, no shame. It's all energy, and I won't ALLOW myself, or those I serve, to be dragged down! So if anyone is not ethical or doesn't follow through…

I hope you're super well. As you might know, I've been busy with the launch of CEO Diva Business School. We now have 15 divine women and we’re growing every day. It’s exciting. I’ve decided to put a cap on it, so we have limited spaces left. We're diving deep into everything you need to really become the wealthy woman you desire to be and rise up to share your divine message with the world in a bigger, bolder way. It’s a dream come true for me. I feel deeply blessed. So how I did get here? I committed to…

Are you feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, and trapped in financial drama? Chances are you've been bitten by the 'LIKE ME' bug. The need to be liked can fester for so long that it becomes a virus in your business, bank account and life! When our desire to be liked is stronger than our desire for greatness, charging what we are worth becomes impossible. If you want to make over six figures without exhaustion, serve your clients at a deeper level and have more freedom, flow and fun in your life, then you need to break up with your ‘BEING LIKED’ addiction…

It's Time

To Rise, Diva

Raise your worth. Raise your prices. Raise your joy.